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Commercial Roofing in El Paso | Licensed, Bonded, and Insured Roofer

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Commercial Roofing — Expert Service for Property Owners and Businesses

AAAA Contractors and Roofing is ready to service all of your commercial roofing needs today. Whether it is preventative maintenance, roof repairs, emergency services, roof cleaning, roof coating or replacement, we are standing by to improve and protect the value of your property.


The roof of your commercial building plays a large role in running your business. Protecting it is in the best interest of your company, as it protects your employees, customers, and clients.


Commercial Roofing Services We Offer


AAAA Contractors and Roofing offers a variety of commercial roofing services for you and your property. These include:


  • Commercial roof repairs: We offer repairs for roof issues associated with normal wear and tear, wind damage, storm damage, and other common issues.

  • Leak repair: Our roofing experts can locate the source of the leak and repair the necessary damage.

  • Commercial roof replacement: Replacing a commercial roof is a job best left to the professionals.

  • Roof coating: We also install roof coating that helps improve the performance and service life of your roof.

  • Roof inspections: If you’re selling your property and need an inspection done, we can provide you with a comprehensive inspection.

  • Roof maintenance: Keeping up with regular maintenance on your roof will ensure that small issues are dealt with in a timely manner and prevent damage from worsening.


Key Things to Know About Commercial Roofing


If you are a property manager or an owner of commercial property, you know that its upkeep is essential to the short term and long term success of your business. As roofing professionals, we have seen every situation under the sun and know the kind of disturbance major roofing issues can have on a business. So here are a few key tips to note about commercial roofing:


  • Don’t wait to have it serviced. This applies to commercial and residential situations, but commercial roofs can be particularly susceptible to damage and have many dire consequences for liability reasons.

  • Professional inspections are a must! Having your commercial roof routinely inspected can catch impending problems before they grow. It is advised to do this at least once a year and after any major weather events.

  • Keep trees and other obstructions away. Always take care of the properties landscaping. Have tree limbs trimmed and cut when needed so they don’t interact with your roof. Wind gusts, especially in El Paso, can open up possibilities for damage.


We Offer 24/7 Emergency Services


We all know that problems often arise in the most unpredictable and inconvenient times. And yet, when it comes to your business, a leak or major issue cannot wait until Monday morning rolls around. This is why we are always available to help you with your roofing issues, however big or small.


Why Choose AAAA Contractors and Roofing?


We are a locally-owned and operated roofing company with almost 30 years of experience. We strive to provide all of our customers the utmost quality and service. Unlike the competition, we are here to answer your call any time of the day and get the issue resolved immediately. If you’re needing a roof replacement or installation, we are a team of professionals ready to get the job done in a timely manner.


TPO Roofing & Mod Bit: Exciting Options for Commercial Roofing


TPO stands for Thermoplastic Olefin and is now one of the fastest growing roofing membranes on the market. It works great on flat roofs and other commercial sites. AAAA Contractors and Roofing installs TPO in commercial and some residential buildings. TPO stands above all of its competitors when it comes to energy efficiency and affordability. The energy savings are significant. They have shown property owners across the country that this is the best energy efficient alternative.


Mod Bit stands for Modified Bitumen Roofing and it is a highly flexible, impact-resistant, versatile, and strong roofing membrane that provides protection for your roof. Mod Bit is a popular choice as it provides a strong, tear-resistant material, it’s waterproof, energy efficient, and flexible. It is also easy to repair and maintain, which is an added bonus for business owners who already have a lot on their plate.


A City Contractor Ready to Take on Any Job


As a licensed, bonded, and insured roofing company, we frequently complete important and large-scale private jobs and work for the city. Our license allows us to take out permits for certain city work. We have done major commercial roofing projects such as the Embassy Suites and Holiday Inns, as well as several Harmony schools in the area.


A Commercial Roofer Ready to Serve You and Your Place of Business!


Your business is your livelihood. Protecting the roof and the facility is important in keeping your employees and customers safe. If you need service performed on your commercial roof, give us a call today. We’re happy to answer your questions. Reach us at 915-852-3104.